How to Automatically Solve Captchas in Google Chrome

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What is a Captcha?

Captchas, short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, are tools designed to differentiate between human users and bots on websites and online services. They are often used to prevent automated scripts from attempting to access a website's features, such as submitting form data or creating multiple accounts. Standard captchas include solving a simple math problem, identifying objects in a photo, or typing in a series of distorted letters and numbers.

Why are Captchas a problem?

While captchas are important in protecting websites from abuse, they can also significantly annoy human users. Many captchas are challenging to read, requiring users to strain their eyes to make out the distorted letters and numbers. Some captchas can also be time-consuming to complete, causing frustration for users who are in a hurry or have limited time to spend on the website. Additionally, users with visual impairments may find captchas difficult or impossible to complete, making it difficult for them to access specific online services.

Dealing with captchas can be a nuisance for many online users, but there are ways to bypass the need for manual captcha-solving. One solution is to utilize a Captcha-solving service, which uses Artificial Intelligence to solve Captchas on your behalf. Another solution is using browser extensions that automatically solve captchas for you. By using these solutions, you can avoid the frustration of manually solving captchas and have a better online experience. We will show you the best way to avoid having to solve captchas. 

How can I automatically solve annoying Captchas?

Captchas can be a annoying when browsing the internet, interrupting your flow and requiring you to solve time-consuming puzzles. The AYCD AutoSolve AI Extension eliminates this problem by using its advanced AI technology to automatically solve captchas for you, making your internet browsing experience more seamless and enjoyable. Plus, the extension is straightforward to set up, and you don't have to go through a tedious process to start using it.

How do you set up AutoSolve AI Extension?

To get started using the AutoSolve AI Extension, first, you need to sign up for an AYCD account and then purchase an AutoSolve AI subscription. This subscription gives you access to 100,000 requests per day, which is more than enough for any use case. After that, you can navigate to the AutoSolve AI Dashboard to download the extension. The extension is not available in the Chrome Webstore. This extension will work on any chromium-based browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. After you have downloaded the extension, refer to the detailed installation guide that you can find here

AutoSolve AI Extension will automatically solve hCaptcha and reCaptcha v2 challenges. As soon as the challenge appears, it will automatically select the correct images and solve. If for some reason AutoSolve AI fails to solve the captcha, it will reattempt solving the challenge until it is solved. AutoSolve AI Extension has very consistent uptime and quick solving speeds. It is the best solution to handling annoying captchas.

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