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AYCD offers a wide variety of services to attend to your every need. From ReCaptcha to Proxies, we are a one stop shop for your every need.

$30 / Monthly
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Includes OneClick, Spoof, Billing Converter, and ServerGen

  • Build Trusted Google Accounts
  • Create Unlimited Unique Browsers
  • Convert Billings for 25+ Bots
  • Generate Data Center Servers
  • 35% Discount on AYCD Proxy Network
$50 / Monthly
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The only AIO cook group solution you will ever need

  • Free AYCD Toolbox
  • Free Slot Services for all members
  • Family Oriented Atmosphere
  • High Quality Guides
  • 50% Discount on AYCD Proxy Network
As Low As $9 / GB
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Residential Proxies

High Speed Residential Proxies powered by the AYCD Proxy Network

  • Instant Delivery
  • 100+ Regions
  • Unlimited IPs
  • Pre-Screen for Highest Speed
  • Data Plans Never Expire
Spoof Application

Gain the upper hand on Splash Releases, Nike SNKRS drops, and Supreme.

The newest addition to the ToolBox, Spoof will handle all of your browser needs.

Unlimited Browsers

Create as many unique browsers as your computer can handle with proxy and autofill support.

Multi-Browser Control

Control all of your created browsers at the same time with a single mouse and keyboard.

Integrated AutoFill

Automatically fill in provided billing information on Yeezy Supply, Supreme, SNKRS, Shopify and more.

OneClick Application

The most powerful Toolbox in the industry

Inside Toolbox are the ultimate set of tools for all of your botting needs.


Simply the best ReCaptcha farming tool in the market. Never solve another ReCaptcha on an important release again.


Gain the upper hand on Splash Releases, Nike SNKRS drops, and Supreme.

Billing Converter

A central hub to store and universally convert all of your billing profiles for all of your favorite bots.


Effortlessly generate Data Center based servers on providers such as AWS, GCP, and more. Perfect for servers for releases.

Residential Proxies Dashboard

Residential Proxies at your fingertips

Generate lightning fast residential proxies for every release.

Instant Delivery

No need to wait anymore to generate proxies. Purchase a data plan and start creating proxies in seconds.

100+ Regions

We have over 100 regions to generate proxies from. Every region has a massive pool of high quality IPs ready for drops.

Data Plans Never Expire

AYCD Proxy Network was built from the ground up to give us 100% control over the user experience. That means your data never expires and every proxy you use is pre-screened to ensure speed and reliability.

AutoSolve Dashboard

A revolutionary way to bypass ReCaptcha

Never get stuck during a drop because of ReCaptcha again.

OneClick Integration

Use OneClick as a central hub of solvers. Rather than signing into your accounts elsewhere, harvest ReCaptcha tokens directly in OneClick.

Multiple Bots At Once

With the power of AutoSolve's API, you can use AutoSolve on all of your favorite bots at the same time.

Browser Extension

For customers who want to also use their primary Google Account to harvest, we developed a powerful browser extension to send these tokens directly to your bots.

We never stop innovating

Software is never truly finished. We firmly believe feature rich software updates are a right, not a luxury.

Services You Can Count On

All of our services maintain a 99.99% uptime status. We deploy updates seamlessly to our infrastructure without any downtime. You can count on our services to be there when you need them.

Updates You Need and Want

Feature rich and stable updates come to all of our services for our users to enjoy. We never stop innovating.

Speed That Commands Security

Everything we offer is fast, easy to use and most importantly, secure. Your AYCD account is a central point of authentication for all of our services. You can enable 2FA as well for an additional layer of security.

Unlimited Free Premium Support

Our incredible support team is ready to assist you with any and all questions you have about our services.

Groupbuys and Partnerships

If you own a group and would like to inquire about a group buy or partnership pricing please contact us.

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