Automation Done Right

Our software and services are designed to help you maximize your productivity, efficiency, and profit.

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Services You Can Rely On

We deploy updates seamlessly to our infrastructure without any downtime. You can count on our services to be there when you need them.

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Unlimited Premium Support

Our incredible support team is ready to assist you with any and all questions you have about our services.

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Proxy Network Discounts

Whether you have Toolbox or Pro, you get unlimited use discounts on the AYCD Proxy Network. Never pay too much for proxies again.

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Always Something New

Feature rich and stable updates come to all of our services for our users to enjoy. We never stop innovating.

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Account Security

Your AYCD account is a central point of authentication for all of our services. You can enable 2FA for an additional layer of security.

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Speed Without Limits

Our software and services push the boundaries of what you can do. Never feel stuck or slowed down again.

Take a closer look

Get a better understanding of what each of our services have to offer.


Toolbox is the most powerful set of tools in the industry. Our tools ensure that setup is fast and easy for our users. Toolbox includes OneClick, Profile Converter, Spoof, Resell Manager, Generator and Crypton.


AutoSolve brings the power of OneClick to all of your favorite programs. No more transferring accounts over or missing one-clicks from untrusted solvers. AutoSolve will handle it all.


AYCD Pro has all the tools you need to help achieve the goals you thought only achievable by the top chefs. We have built a thriving community that is friendly, here to help, and most of all a family.

Proxy Network

High speed residential proxies with instant delivery and an easy to use dashboard. AYCD Proxy Network gives you access to top-tier providers to ensure your success!

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Pricing and Plans

We offer a wide variety of services to attend to your every need.

$30 / month
  • Build Trusted One-Clicks
  • Over 200+ Profile Formats
  • Create Unlimited Unique Browsers
  • Track Sales & Profits
  • Generate Data Center Servers
  • Discounts on AYCD Proxy Network
$10 / month *
  • Integration with OneClick
  • Harvest From Multiple Sources
  • Over 200+ Supported Programs
  • Connect with Multiple Programs
  • Third-Party Solver Support
  • Toolbox Subscription Required *
$60 / month
  • Toolbox & AutoSolve Included
  • Free Slot Services For All Members
  • Family Oriented Atmosphere
  • Blazing Fast Monitor Services
  • High Quality Guides
  • Discounts on AYCD Proxy Network
Proxy Network
Pricing Available on Dashboard
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unbanned IPs
  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • Optimized for Sneaker Releases
  • ISP Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Residential Proxies with 500+ Locations

Group-buys and Partnerships

If you own a group and would like to inquire about a group buy or partnership pricing please contact us.