TabSentry is the best multi-browser platform with built-in features optimized for queue and raffle releases and automation tools to increase your efficiency in any task. Get started today on redefining your browser-based workflows.

Integrated Browser Autofill

Assign address and payment information to each task. Automatically have built-in browser autofill available on any website.

Multi-Browser Control

Control multiple browsers from a single main browser that you choose. Navigate using the mouse and keyboard seamlessly at the same time.

Instant OTP Codes

Receive IMAP/TOTP OTP codes instantly for each browser session. Easily copy/paste or automatically autofill using Task Assistant.

Monitor All Tabs

Easily review tabs across all your browser sessions. Automatically detect and display the current queue position for queue and raffle releases.

Activity Generator

Generate activity on any website with automatic navigation and scheduling to improve each browser sessions trust and success.

Chrome Extensions

Install any chrome extensions including custom ones in Chrome and Brave. Quickly copy extension data across multiple browser sessions.

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Browsers Unleashed

Create unlimited browser tasks with different browsers like Chrome, Brave and AYCD. Each browser task has its own unique session data including autofill, proxy, and cookies. Easily copy browser data and extension data across tasks for a streamlined setup process.

  • Unlimited Unique Browser Sessions
  • Quick Task Creation and Mass Edit
  • Control Many Browsers From One

Instant OTP Codes

Configure IMAP and TOTP to receive instant OTP codes on any website. OTP Codes can be copy/pasted or autofilled directly into your browser. Configure IMAP OTP with any mail provider that supports IMAP.

  • Instant OTP Codes
  • Autofill Directly in the Browser
  • All IMAP Mail Providers Supported

Tab Monitoring

Monitor every open tab from a single view in TabSentry. Quickly check the current url, and on sites with a queue, your current queue position for each tab. Easily sort and find the best queue positions to access those tabs first.

  • Every Browser. Every Tab. One View.
  • Automatic Queue Position Detection
  • Bulk Tab Operations Across Browsers

Integrated Features

Create and manage browser task features such as Auto Refresh, Monitor URL Change, Activity Generator, Mail/IMAP OTP, and more. Simply configure features in TabSentry and assign them to browser tasks without having to use additional software or extensions.

  • Generate Activity On Any Website
  • Auto Refresh and Monitor URL Change
  • Instant IMAP OTP On Any Website

Available Plans

TabSentry is included in the following plans.

queue pass logo
Queue Pass
$35 / month
  • TabSentry
  • OneClick
  • Inbox
  • Unlimited Unique Browsers
  • Automatic Mail OTP Codes
  • Integrated Autofill
  • Supports Browser Extensions
ultimate pass logo
Ultimate Pass
$65 / month
  • Includes Resell Pass
  • Includes Queue Pass
  • Includes AutoSolve
  • Includes AutoSolve AI
  • Optimize Every Workflow
  • Conquer Any Release
  • Best Value Bundle

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