Inbox revolutionizes what it means to be an email client with comprehensive data scraping and inventory management. Get started today on streamlining your email and inventory workflows.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Add unlimited email accounts from any provider that supports IMAP. Automatically sync all your email accounts at once, allowing instant search and filtering.

Email Data Scraper

Scrape and parse unlimited emails from your email accounts and export specific data you need. You can browse this data inside of Inbox and also export it to a CSV file.

Automatic Unsubscribe

Automatically unsubscribe from marketing emails you no longer wish to receive across all your email accounts. Cleanup your email accounts so you can focus on the emails that matter.

Email Tools

Read emails, download attachments, delete emails, save emails as PDFs, and more with useful tools to use across all of your email accounts. Let Inbox become your universal email hub.

Manage Inventory

Setup Data Scraper Templates from your emails to automatically scrape data and create new inventory items from order numbers, tracking numbers, pricing info, and more.

Track Unlimited Packages

Automatically track packages from popular shipping companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more. Setup automatic sync to receive status update notifications.

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Manage Emails

Inbox allows unlimited email accounts via IMAP, all managed in a single app. Inbox is highly optimized to handle millions of individual emails, all of which can be searched and cached locally for instant querying.

  • Fast Search and Filtering
  • Locally Encrypted Cache for Email Data
  • Automatic Sync and Priority Monitoring

Helpful Tools

Inbox empowers you to manage your email accounts. Automatically clean up spam/marketing emails using the Unsubscribe tool. Create Mail Scraper Templates to quickly scrape targeted data from unlimited emails.

  • Automatically Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails
  • Scrape Data From Unlimited Emails
  • Bulk Download Attachments

Manage Inventory

Automatically manage your inventory using Scraper Data Templates to create and update inventory items from order numbers, tracking numbers, pricing info, and more.

  • Track Costs/Profit/Loss/ROI
  • Save Custom Data and Notes
  • Automatically Track Packages

Track Packages

Automatically track unlimited packages from popular shipping companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more. Setup automatic sync to receive status update notifications.

  • Unlimited Tracking Numbers
  • Automatic Sync Interval
  • Delivery Status Notifications

Available Plans

Inbox is included in the following plans.

inbox logo
$15 / month
  • Supports All IMAP Providers
  • Add Unlimited Mail Accounts
  • Scrape Data From Mail Accounts
  • Bulk Unsubscribe From Emails
  • Track Unlimited Packages
  • Automatic Tracking Notifications
  • Connect Multiple SMS Providers
resell pass logo
(Formerly Toolbox)
Resell Pass
$30 / month
  • OneClick
  • Inbox
  • Profile Builder
  • Location Spoof
  • Server Generator
  • Manage Accounts and Profiles
  • Optimize Reselling Workflows
queue pass logo
Queue Pass
$35 / month
  • TabSentry
  • OneClick
  • Inbox
  • Unlimited Unique Browsers
  • Automatic Mail OTP Codes
  • Integrated Autofill
  • Supports Browser Extensions
captcha pass logo
Captcha Pass
$49 / month
  • Includes Resell Pass
  • Includes AutoSolve
  • Includes AutoSolve AI
  • Solve reCaptcha v2
  • Solve hCaptcha
  • Private Solvers in OneClick
  • Solve Captchas in AYCD Apps
ultimate pass logo
Ultimate Pass
$65 / month
  • Includes Resell Pass
  • Includes Queue Pass
  • Includes AutoSolve
  • Includes AutoSolve AI
  • Optimize Every Workflow
  • Conquer Any Release
  • Best Value Bundle

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