What Makes AYCD Pro Different?

Access to the best tools available and a community in place to help you succeed

AYCD Toolbox Free

    All members of AYCD Pro will get full access to the Toolbox and all of the great tools that are in it completely free.

    That means free access to amazing tools like OneClick, BotManager, Spoof, Billing Converter, and ServerGen.


    BotManager for free. Complete with a Sales Tracker, Vault for secure storage of your Bot Keys and Accounts, Account Generator, Privacy Integration, the ability to scrape for Variants, and so much more. It is the complete set of tools for managing everything about botting.

Always Innovating

    Early access to all Future Projects that are in the pipeline for AYCD.

    AutoSolve is a new and FREE solution for AYCD Pro members that will automatically deliver Captcha Tokens from OneClick to your bots.

Get the Help you Need

    AYCD Pro has a Thriving Community with a Family Oriented atmosphere for you to grow and succeed.

    Global Support Team to mentor you to success from over 10 different countries that means finding help in your language easy.

Slot and Cart Services

    Free Slots are available to members of AYCD Pro for all kinds of releases. That means if you don't have a bot or can't run for a release, we've got you covered.

    Free Carts available for AYCD Pro members during drops. So have no fear about missing out.

Exclusive Discounts

    AYCD Proxies gives all AYCD Pro members a 50% discount on Residential Proxies, get data as low as $9/GB.

    Farming Proxies discounts to make running and securing your OneClicks a breeze.

    GroupBuys secured with the bots and services you need most.

Stay Informed

    Site Lists are available to all members of AYCD Pro for hype releases.

    Providing trusted Resell Predictions for all hype releases helping you make the right buying decisions.

    Release Calendars that keep you updated and informed about upcoming releases.

In-House Developers

    Access to Autofill Programs to help you get the upper hand on bot restocks, hype releases and more.

    Access to our Reward System which gives you the chance to grab free bot rentals, membership discounts, middleman discounts and more.

High Quality Guides

    Setup Guides to help for hype releases on all the popular bots like Cyber, Kodai, and more.

    Early links for popular drops to help you stay ahead of the curve.

    Detailed Release Channels helping clarify what is being released and where.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AYCD Pro?

AYCD Pro is a premium Discord group that will provide you with the very best in tools, services, support, and information to help you secure hype items. We have a wealth of knowledge we are waiting to share with you that comes from our experienced resellers whose goal is to help you increase profits.

How much does AYCD Pro cost?

AYCD Pro is currently $50/Monthly. Once purchased, your subscription will automatically renew and charge your card every month until canceled. You can cancel at any time through our dashboard. Once you have been charged, we cannot offer a refund due to this being a digital product that is automatically delivered. If you have any questions about this, please see our Refund Policy.

Do I need to have knowledge of botting, or own bots to join AYCD Pro?

No, you don't! AYCD Pro is a family that is here to help you increase your ability to secure hyped released. That means whether you are just starting with no bots or knowledge of it at all or are an experienced veteran, we have something perfect for you. We are here to make sure you can get the most out of your subscription.

What Countries do AYCD Pro support?

AYCD Pro is a global family, we have support for all regions and we are sure that no matter where you are from there will be either staff or users from your region. What are you waiting for, join the AYCD Pro Family today!

Alright, now how do I join AYCD Pro?

If you want to come and enjoy all of the amazing features we have available, you can do so by purchasing AYCD Pro here.

Still have a Question?

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