How to Jig Your Address to Circumvent Order Limits

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What is Address Jigging?

Address jigging is the act of modifying your shipping address to bypass purchase limits set by popular retailers such as Adidas, Lego, Nike, and Supreme. This practice has become more common in recent years as retailers look to limit the number of items an individual can purchase in a given period. The goal of address jigging is to appear as a new customer with each purchase, allowing the individual to acquire more items than the set limit would otherwise allow.

Why is it useful?

Address jigging can be an effective way for individuals to secure limited edition or highly sought-after items, especially when the items are in high demand and expected to sell out quickly. By slightly altering their address, individuals can place multiple orders without being detected by the retailer's systems. Address jigging allows you to purchase multiple items for personal use and enables you to resell profitable items at a higher price.

How can I Jig my Address?

Luckily, there are many solutions available to assist with address jigging. These tools and services offer various methods for modifying your address, including address format changes, adding or removing information, and spelling or layout alterations. Some of these solutions are even equipped with algorithms and machine learning models to ensure that the retailer's systems will not detect your modified address. So if you want to take advantage of order limits and secure multiple items, consider using one of the many available address jigging solutions.

Which Tool Should I Use? 

The best tool to use for address jigging is AYCD Profile Builder. The program is found in AYCD Toolbox and is one of the many valuable tools AYCD has available for resellers. It allows you to randomize your info in bulk for as many billing profiles as you need. Profile Builder supports jigging for any address in the world. You can quickly export your information via a CSV or many popular bot formats. The AYCD team has a dedicated group of experienced resellers who know the ins and outs of using address jigging to circumvent purchase limits.

How can I purchase AYCD Profile Builder?

To start using AYCD Profile Builder, you must create an account by following this link. Once you have created an account, you can purchase AYCD Toolbox directly from our website. AYCD Toolbox includes Profile Builder, an application that lets you take complete control of your billing profiles and jig your address in seconds. Look at our guides to ensure you get the most out of our tool! These guides will help you make the most of AYCD Profile Builder and its capabilities.

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